Meet The Animals

Meet Our

You can get up close and personal with bugs, lizards, snakes, turtles, small mammals and many other creatures. Our wildlife educators guide you through interactions with our fascinating friends.
Meet furry friends like Oscar the chinchilla, Otter the rabbit, or Nova the albino African pygmy hedgehog. If creepy crawlies are more your style, meet Ew and Gross, our Madagascar hissing cockroaches. We also have plenty of slithering snakes, many of whom are quite large and might be tempted to give you a little squeeze to show their affection.

Get Up Close
And Personal

Our animals are used to hanging out with people and being handled, but they’re still animals. Our educators let you know which animals are safe to touch and teach you the proper way to pet them. If you’re interested in meeting specific animals up close, please reach out to see if they are available the day of your program.
We hope to dispel the fears surrounding our rescued and captive-born animals with several series of unique and informative demonstrations. Our programs include combinations of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, including unique rainforest animals and some of the cutest, softest animals in the world.

Book A Show

Our goal is to provide a hands-on, interactive wildlife experience for everyone who attend our program. Our travel out services bring the animals to you and are offered throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the East Coast. If your are outside of this range, we can virtually come to you through our remote Zoom program.

Contact us at: 📞 973-586-0444 to book a show,

or learn more about our wonderful animals today.